October 22, 2018

Success Stories

Alex Simmons at Work

— Alex hard at work! (July 1, 2015) SARM has  a staff member named Alex Simmons, Operations Manager, who works very hard at the Mission.  Here are some pictures of his daily and weekly duties.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Thanks to Alex for all the work he does at the Mission  And thanks to Leonard for the photos.

— Message from B. on 12/13/2013 after attending a service at the Mission.

God works in mysterious ways, I haven’t had a chance to get to my email until just now…Thank you for praying for me. I will make this brief. All those things I wanted to happen didn’t happen they way I planned or thought they would. Instead it happened in God’s time and way. I checked into detox 09/11/13 and than rehab 09/17/13 and here I am 12/13/13. As of Tues 12/17/13 I will have 3 months of sobriety. The Lord is good; I haven’t had a drink since 09/10/13. I have a job now, I’m involved in a church…I have my own place to live, I am getting friends, family, and loved ones back that I lost in my addiction. And the most important thing is I found peace and a whole-hearted surrender to the Lord – He is my new boss and I am His employee – I have found a new way of life that I never thought was possible. All just because I surrendered to the Lord and let Him work on me. So thank you, I know He put you there and me that night so I could hear those words of encouragement.

Video of a resident at SARM explaining the benefits of the Mission –  Click HERE